24. - 26. 9. 2020 | 9.00 - 18.00 +386 (0)2 564 2 100

Dear Sir or Madam,

We kindly invite you to realize your strategic, business, professional, defence and security goals at the 8th SOBRA International Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue Fair in Gornja Radgona from 24th to 26th September 2020.

In a place where Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Europe are closest, respected business providers will showcase a wide arsenal of tools, weapons, vehicles, equipment, various gadgets, services and know-how to defend a country, safety of citizens and protection and rescuing those at risk.

Shoulder to shoulder with producers, providers, civil society, the public and individuals, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Ministry of the Interior, the Police, and the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue as well as the Firefighting Association of Slovenia will strive for the good of society and the individual. They will demonstrate their competence, knowledge and equipment through professional exhibitions, dynamic presentations and expert consultations. The professional and general public will be provided with expert advice. The fair will also be accompanied by numerous business, professional and educational events.

Due to the above mentioned, SOBRA is widely visited by members of duty and voluntary organizations, as well as by numerous visitors who feel responsible for the safety of their homes, families and property.

Different service branches of the Slovenian Armed Forces will present their know-how, skills and equipment, experience from international missions and a show of possibilities for collaboration in defence of the country. Top athletes employed in the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Slovenian Guards Unit, will be presented. There will also be performancesgiven by musical ensembles of the Military Orchestra.

Modern approaches, techniques and equipment for ensuring the safety of individuals and communities are being prepared by units of the Slovenian Police. Visitors will be assisted with advice on their own safety and protection of their possessions. They will be captivated by the interesting displays and the Police Orchestra performances.

In response to climate change, novelties and experiences in the field of raising awareness, prevention, protection, rescue and relief, damage assessment, etc. will be highlighted in the context of protection against natural and other disasters. Presented will be the organization, main activities and equipment of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue, Civilian Protection and operational units of associations and other non governmental organizations participating in the tasks of protection, rescue and relief in case of natural and other disasters. How to act in the event of a fire, earthquake and flooding, and how to call the emergency number 112 correctly, will be taught in a fun and unobtrusive way to children who will watch the puppet show “ Pikec Ježek in gasilko Jež “.

Exhibitions of equipment and demonstrations of the skills of its members are being prepared by the Slovenian Fire Association, which has more than 160,000 members. They will organize a firefighting competition for the Pomurje Fair Cup. An interesting firefighting action is also being prepared with their professional colleagues from neighbouring Austria. You are kindly invited to the alliance of business cooperation, trust and protection SOBRA 2020!



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